Holland Malt

Holland Malt

Brouwland offers you an extensive range of malts. Recently our offering has been extended with 4 new qualitative Holland Malt malts: Pilsner, Pale Ale, Munich and Wheat. Packaged per 25 kgs and sold by the palette. For the discerning brewer.

Holland Malt is an independent family business with a long tradition. For over 100 years they have been producing a large spectrum of quality malts for brewers and distillers, with mounting success. The produce for both small businesses and multinationals.

Pilsner malt

Holland Malt Pilsner

  •   Finest quality of pilsner malt with excellent brew house performance and high yields. Excellent base malt for a rich variety of beers.
  •   2,5-4 EBC
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Pale Ale malt

Holland Malt Pale Ale

  •   Fine malty aroma contributing to the flavour of pale specialty beers. Excellent diastatic power and filterability.
  •   8-12 EBC
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Munich malt Pale

Holland Malt Munich

  •   Excellent aroma profile for darker specialty beers or pale beers that require a malty flavour. Good foam stability and contributes well to the body.
  •   12-20 EBC
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Wheat malt

Holland Malt Wheat

  •   Specifically suitable for German or Belgian type wheat beers. Produced from the finest wheat varieties.
  •   2-4 EBC
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