Warranty and repairs

  • + How long is the warranty period on products?

    All equipment has a 24-month warranty period. This warranty starts on the date of the bill. Make sure you keep your original bill in a safe place.

  • + My product is broken. What are my options?

    First of all, please tell us how it happened:

    1. Damage during transport :

      Damage during transport must be reported as soon as it is discovered, both to the courier at the time of delivery and in writing to Brouwland (within 48 hours). If you notice that your parcel has been visibly damaged during transport, you must always express your reservations in writing by signing the delivery note on receipt. You should also always take a photo of the damaged delivery and e-mail it to us with your notification of the complaint.

    2. Defect emerging after some time:
      • My product is still under warranty: If your product is still under warranty, Brouwland will repair or replace it free of charge.
      • The warranty for my product has expired: It is up to the buyer to pay for the repairs. We'll provide you with an estimate of the cost on request.

    Whether or not the products are out of warranty, Brouwland's after-sales service will soon help you sort things out. You receive a three-month warranty on repairs carried out by or through us.

    This warranty doesn't apply if:

      • the returned product is inadequately protected against damage during transport;
      • you've made changes to the product yourself or haven't used the product correctly;
      • you've deliberately broken the product or mishandled it;
      • external factors are involved such as lightning, power cut, natural disasters, etc;
      • Brouwland was not informed of the complaint (promptly), did not have enough time to examine it and repair the fault if necessary.

    Repairs and/or replacement under warranty in case of hidden defects and manufacturing defects always take place at the Beverlo factory. A call-out fee and/or transport charge will be payable for repairs on-site. The warranty doesn't apply if, in Brouwland's view, the buyer has caused the damage by mishandling the product.

    Contact our technical service:

    • by phone: +32 11 40 14 08
    • by e-mail
  • + Want to request a repair?

    For a repair, contact our technical service:

    • by phone: +32 11 40 14 08
    • by e-mail
  • + How much will it cost to repair my product?

    You can request an estimate of the cost.

  • + How long will it take to repair my product?

    It depends on the damage and whether parts need to be ordered. Based on this you can decide whether or not to go ahead with the repair. 

  • + Will I receive a temporary replacement?

    Unfortunately this isn't possible.