Brewferm beer kits

  • + Why can't I find my old, familiar Brewferm® beer kit anymore?

    Our Brewferm® beer kits have been revamped; they have not only received a makeover, but also a new name. The kits are now named after the beer style. Moreover, the yeast was replaced by a style-specific yeast for an even better taste. In the table below you can find the names of the old and the new Brewferm® beer kits:

    Previous item nr. Previous name New item nr. New name
    056.050.8 Brewferm beer kit Pils for 12/20 l 056.073.10 Brewferm beer kit Pilsner
    056.051.6 Brewferm beer kit Gallia Belgian Ale for 12 l 056.074.8 Brewferm beer kit Special Belge
    056.053.2 Brewferm beer kit IPA for 12 l 056.075.5 Brewferm beer kit English IPA
    056.054.0 Brewferm beer kit Oranje Bock for 12 l 056.076.3 Brewferm beer kit Dunkel Bock
    056.055.7 Brewferm beer kit Abbey-beer for 9 l 056.077.1 Brewferm beer kit Belgian Dubbel
    056.056.5 Brewferm beer kit Christmas for 7 l 056.078.9 Brewferm beer kit Winter Ale
    056.057.3 Brewferm beer kit Ambiorix for 15 l 056.079.7 Brewferm beer kit Belgian Brown
    056.059.9 Brewferm beer kit Diabolo for 9 l 056.080.5 Brewferm beer kit Strong Blond
    056.060.7 Brewferm beer kit Kriek for 12 l 056.081.3 Brewferm beer kit Cherry Ale
    056.061.5 Brewferm beer kit Old Flemish Brown for 12 l 056.082.1 Brewferm beer kit Flemish Brown
    056.062.3 Brewferm beer kit Gold for 12 l 056.083.9 Brewferm beer kit Premium Pilsner
    056.064.9 Brewferm beer kit Wheat Beer for 15 l 056.084.7 Brewferm beer kit Belgian Wit
    056.065.6 Brewferm beer kit Grand-cru for 9 l 056.085.4 Brewferm beer kit Wheat Tripel
    056.066.4 Brewferm beer kit Triple for 9 l 056.086.2 Brewferm beer kit Belgian Tripel
    056.067.2 Brewferm beer kit Raspberry for 12 l 056.087.10 Brewferm beer kit Raspberry Ale
        056.069.8 Brewferm beer kit Imperial Stout NEW!
        056.070.6 Brewferm beer kit Barley Wine NEW!
        056.071.4 Brewferm beer kit Belgian Saison NEW!
        056.072.2 Brewferm beer kit English Porter NEW!

    In addition, 4 new flavours were added.

  • + Do the new Brewferm® beer kits still taste the same?

    The recipes have not changed, however the style-specific flavours are now even more pronounced thanks to the new yeast varieties.

  • + Where can I buy the familiar yeast from the previous recipe?

    If you want to keep using the original Brewferm® Top yeast, you can order it separately ( 050.035.5) and replace the enclosed bag of yeast with this one.

  • + Help, I have lost my new yeast. Where can I buy it again?

    Unfortunately, these yeasts are not yet commercially available. Below you can find a table with similar yeasts:

    Yeast name Alternatives
      Fermentis Brewferm Lallemand
    Union Jack S-04   Windsor
    New World Lager US05   BRY-97
    Super Saison BE-134   Belle Saison
    Czech Lager S-23 Lager Diamond
    Continental Ale S-33 Top Nottingham
    Begian Monks ale BE-256   Abbaye
    Misty Wit K-97 Blanche Munich
  • + My yeast is called 'Lager', while I want to brew a top-fermentation beer. Are you sure I have the correct yeast?

    You do have the right yeast; our 'New World Lager' yeast is a next-generation hybrid yeast, which also has very good results at higher temperatures. This yeast is included with the English IPA, the Strong Blond and the Barley Wine.

  • + My brewing bucket has overflowed, is my batch still okay?

    The yeast in the Belgian Wit and Wheat Tripel can cause an aggressive fermentation which can lead to a blow-off, where the foam fills the whole bucket, and even finds its way out through the airlock. Don't panic, your brew is safe. As long as fermentation is in progress, CO2 creates a protective layer - like a blanket - over your beer. However, replace your airlock with a clean one as soon as possible. Or clean your current airlock and fill it with clean water.

    To avoid this in the future, we recommend making a blow-off tube, using the following products:

    010.002.4 – Three-piece airlock

    018.055.0913.2 – Silicone hose 9 x 13 mm

    004.402.x – Chemipro San

    When you open the three-piece airlock, you can slide the silicone hose onto the protruding tube. Hang the hose in a bucket of water (with some Star San), and this way you create a large airlock, which can catch any blow-off krausen.

  • + When should I bottle?

    It is important to know that brewing is not an exact science. The yeast is a living organism, and may behave in a different way than expected. It is therefore important that you do not rely on only one parameter to decide when to bottle.

    Your beer is ready to be bottled:

    • when there is no more activity in the airlock;

    • and when your final gravity (use a hydrometer to determine the specific gravity) is more or less equal to the expected SG;

    • and if your SG has remained stable for 48 hours.