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Brewferm beer kit Pilsner

  •   A light, blond beer for every day. Deliciously thirst-quenching.
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Special Belge

Brewferm beer kit Special Belge

  •   Amber-coloured beer with a noble bitterness and a soft, refreshing flavour. The Special Belge was developed to complete with the fresh pilsners.
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English IPA

Brewferm beer kit English IPA

  •   A traditional IPA. Light amber-coloured and full of flavour with a spicy, bitter finish.
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Dunkel Bock

Brewferm beer kit Dunkel Bock

  •   Strong dark brown beer with a pleasant, mild bitterness. An ideal autumn beer.
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Belgian Dubbel

Brewferm beer kit Belgian Dubbel

  •   Dark brown, full-bodied with a full, roasted, malty flavour. A divine beer requiring long maturation.
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Winter Ale

Brewferm beer kit Winter Ale

  •   Strong brown beer with a pleasant malty flavour. A real dessert beer that requires a long maturation.
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Belgian Brown

Brewferm beer kit Belgian Brown

  •   A brown summer beer with a copper appearance. It has a slightly acidic overtone but a soft aftertaste.
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Strong Blond

Brewferm beer kit Strong Blond

  •   Golden beer with a soft flavour, yet a fiery character.
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Cherry Ale

Brewferm beer kit Cherry Ale

  •   A red-coloured, slightly acidic but sweet tasting cherry beer with a fine aroma and full head.
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Flemish Brown

Brewferm beer kit Flemish Brown

  •   A very aromatic dark brown beer, with liquorice overtones and a medium alcohol content.
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Premium Pilsner

Brewferm beer kit Premium Pilsner

  •   A real luxury pilsner. Thirst-quenching, full of flavour and a pleasant bitterness.
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Belgian Wit

Brewferm beer kit Belgian Wit

  •   Thirst-quenching, very light and blond. Slightly cloudy beer with a fresh flavour and marvellous aroma.
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Wheat Tripel

Brewferm beer kit Wheat Tripel

  •   A golden beer with a subtle 'herbal' aroma and a full, malty flavour with a light fruitiness.
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Belgian Tripel

Brewferm beer kit Belgian Tripel

  •   A heavenly Abbey Ale: golden and soft but with a strong, full malty flavour. Slightly spicy and obviously hopped.
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Raspberry Ale

Brewferm beer kit Raspberry Ale

  •   A crisp beer with a delicious, delicate raspberry aroma. Perfect for hot summers or as a surprising aperitif.
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Imperial Stout

Brewferm beer kit Imperial Stout

  •   A rich, full-flavoured stout. Darker and more bitter thanks to the use of roasted malt. Smooth mouth feel with delicious hints of chocolate and coffee.
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Barley Wine

Brewferm beer kit Barley Wine

  •   A malty, amber-coloured beer. Its warming nature makes it a perfect beer for cold winter evenings.
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Belgian Saison

Brewferm beer kit Belgian Saison

  •   A gold to copper-coloured beer with a firm head and a spicy, peppery aroma. Dry and drinkable, yet rich in flavour.
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English Porter

Brewferm beer kit English Porter

  •   A robust British classic. Dark brown to black with intense caramel and coffee flavours. Pronounced aftertaste that continues resonating.
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  •   Dry hopping, extra roasted malt... at Brouwland you will find everything you need.
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