Brewferm offers you everything you need under one roof: from the simplest beer kit to the most sophisticated brewing equipment for the absolute expert!

Brewferm brings you a unique range of beer kits for brewing Belgian beer at home. Why Belgian beer? Belgian beers are renowned worldwide for their high quality, the extensive range and the delicious full taste. Who is in a better position to surrender Belgian recipe secrets than a local producer?

Twenty-five years of experience in Belgian homebrew kits guarantees high qualitative and 100% natural ingredients, which you, the home brewer, will enjoy with relish. Are you taking your first steps as brewer? Then our Brewferm beer kits are certainly the thing for you! Are you having some experience and want to go a step further with unhopped malt extracts? Or maybe you are a real expert and personally want to control the whole brewing process? Also this is possible with the Brewferm Malt Kits. Brewferm has a delicious beer kit for everyone. We even thought about your equipment! Discover how you can equal the richness of Belgian Beer at home through this website!


How to make beer?


Are you taking your first steps as brewer?
Brewing beer with the Brewferm beer kits is easy as pie! All you need is a beginners starter kit and a beer kit of your choice.


With the Brewferm unhopped malt extracts the more experienced brewer can define his own taste and accents, by adding special grains and boiling the hops.
It is perfectly possible to accentuate your own tastes or to create your own beer with this “mini-mash” method.


Advanced home brewers want to have the entire brewing process under control. For them, Brewferm developed its malt kits with balanced ingredients.
It will undoubtedly be a challenge to go a step further and to accentuate your own tastes and create your own beer!



  • +Bier kits BrewfermBeer kits
    BREWFERM bier kits

    Brewing your own beer is an interesting, attractive and profitable hobby. He, who brews himself, knows what he drinks. Therefore, start brewing your own natural beer!
    Start today and discover the new and rich ‘world of beer’. Thanks to the Brewferm starter kit you can endlessly make delicious Belgian beer in a very simple way.

    BREWFERM beer concentrates have already undergone the major part of the brewing process. Just before the final stage this process is interrupted and the liquid is reduced by evaporation until the beer concentrates are left. All you have to do is add water and sugar to obtain, after fermentation, 7 to 20 liters of beautiful natural beer.
    Do take a look at our step by step brewing instructions!

    By using only natural ingredients, BREWFERM has been able to produce a series of unique beer concentrates, each resulting in an excellent, well balanced beer.

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  • +Malt extract kits BrewfermMalt extract kits
    BREWFERM Malt extract kits

    Ready-to-go kits for brewing your own beer at home with malt extract powder.

    The actual mashing process is no longer needed. Your work consists of boiling the wort, allowing it to cool and fermenting the beer.

    Every pack, carefully made up by our master brewer, is enough to brew 10 litres of beer.

    Also look at our elaborate brewing instructions.

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  • +Malt kitsMalt kits
    BREWFERM Malt kits

    The Brewferm malt kits were developed for true experts who want to control the whole mashing and brewing process themselves. These kits contain all ingredients required to brew 20 liters of beer: malts, any special grains (wheat, corn flakes etc.), hops, any herbs and a dry brewing yeast.

    Assembled by our master brewer according to proven recipes and expertly packed for optimal freshness. With comprehensive instructions and clear mashing schedule. With the Brewferm SUPERIOR starter kits you can obtain all the materials you need.

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  • +Malt extractsMalt extracts
    BREWFERM malt extracts

    Malt extract is, as the word suggests, an extract of malt – so the mashing has already happened. If you brew beer with malt extract, you no longer have to do the mashing yourself. Your work consists of boiling the wort, adding special grains and hops, allowing it to cool and fermenting the beer.
    This is a way of brewing employed by many home brewers in America (the so-called 'mini-mash' method). You can also use the Brewferm unhopped malt extracts as a substitute for malt in grain recipes or as replacement for sugar in extract-recipes.
    Read our step by step brewing instructions.

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  • +MaltsMalts
    BREWFERM Malts

    BREWFERM now has a total of about 20 kind of malts in its range! All barley malts are made from the finest 2-row barley and are expertly malted to fixed quality standards.

    Besides Belgian BREWFERM malts, we also have German Weyermann malts available.
    Crushed malt is not supplied because of the great loss of aroma within a short time.

    1 kg, 5kg and 25 kg packages.
    Roasted malts also in 250g packages. Store malt in a cool, dry place.

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  • +YeastYeast
    BREWFERM Yeast

    Brewferm offers you 3 dried beer yeasts of superior quality: a sturdy lager yeast, a top fermenting yeast specially selected for its formation of typical wheat beer aromas, and a universal top fermenting yeast.

    Available in 6gr (TOP), 12gr, 100gr and 500gr packages.
    Packaged under protected atmosphere.
    Keep refrigerated.

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  • +HopHop
    BREWFERM hop

    Upon arrival our hops are put into cold storage and packed in special vacuum packages for optimal storage life! All our hop types are also available in pellets. These are hops with the stalks removed, ground and pressed into little rods.
    Hop pellets can be kept longer and are usually available longer during the course of the season. Use about 10% less than when using hop cones with a similar alpha level. The alpha-acidity is indicated on every package.

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