Blichmann™ Fermenator™ ferment. tank Standard 26,5 l (7 gal)

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Fermenator™ Conical with standard fittings
Quality conical fermentation tanks. 100% Stainless Steel. Weld-free Interior: no stress about bacteria hiding in weld cracks or porosity found in all welds. Guaranteed 100% Leak Free! Time proven design is rock solid and the core design is identical to hydraulic systems under thousands of PSI. Even the lid seal can be fully immersed under pressure!

  • Volume 26,5 litres
  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Including dump valve and rotating racking arm
  • Dimension: 76,20 x 50,80 x 50,80 cm
  • Weight: 13,61 kg
  • Also available: model 54, 102, and 158 litres, see links below. 

Rotating Racking Arm
Just like the Craft Brewers huge conical fermentors. This feature allows you to start your siphon with the racking arm horizontal, and rotate it slowly downward until you just start picking up yeast sediment. Clearly the best and only way to siphon clear beer! And using the racking arm prevents wasting any beer or carrying sediment into your kegs which happens if you use the bottom dump to rack the beer. The valve handle shows you the position of the racking arm at all times.

Lid hatch (easy sanitary access to your fermenting beer)
Minimizes exposure of the fermentables to oxidation and bacterial contamination when dry-hopping or adding finings as opposed to removing the lid entirely. This generous size opening also makes it much easier to pitch yeast than pouring through the small stopper hole.

Bolted leg system (higher strength and spotless interior)
Our channel shaped legs offer improved strength and appearance. An exclusive welding process is utilized to install fasteners on the tank wall leaving the interior of the tank absolutely flawless. And most importantly, the legs are affixed to the tank so cleaning is much easier than designed where the tank simply sits on a stand.

Pressure Capable Stainless Lid
Just like the big breweries, use CO2 pressure to pump your finished beer up to 1,80 meter above your fermentor to your kegs. Eliminates the need for elevating the fermentor above the kegs or bottling bucket. Ideal for chest freezers. Not intended for carbonation.

Forms a 100% pressure and vacuum tight seal so no need for a floating lid! The sealing system is far superior to wine tanks and is completely impervious to oxygen. The blanket of CO2 on the surface of the wine from fermentation will protect the wine from oxidation. After complete fermentation has been verified remove the airlock and stopper and replace with a stopper with no hole.

Packing dimensions and weight:

Weight 13.61 kg
Length 52 cm
Height 79 cm
Width 52 cm
EAN code 5420069838508
Brand Blichmann
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