Everything you need to brew beer at home


Easy, funtastic and yummy!

Ever considered brewing your own beer? If you can boil water, you can brew your own craft beer with these kits. It's not only easy, it's also affordable and fun! You don't need to know the basics of brewing beer, nor a degree in chemistry. All you need is this Beer Brewing Kit, a large cooking pot and some kitchen utensils that you're sure to find at home. Give it a try. You will love it.

Beer Brew Kit Brewferm® Beer Brew Kit: ready, set, brew!
With this affordable and reusable starter kit you can brew 4 litre of your own amazing home-brew in the comfort of your own kitchen. Brewing experience could come in handy, but is not required because the detailed manual will guide you through every step of the process. Available in 3 different flavours, choose your flavour.

• Milled malt, hops, beer yeast
• Fermentation bottle, bottle stopper, airlock
• Racking cane, siphon tubes and hose clamp
• Thermometer
• Cleaning agent

Beer Brew Kit Brewferm® Beer Bottling Kit: everything you need to bottle
This kit contains all the necessary materials for bottling 4 litres of freshly home-brewed craft beer. Use the bottle capper and the included crown corks for an airtight sealing of the 12 33 cl bottles. After bottling, the box can be used to safely store and protect your beer. Check out the Beer Bottling Kit.

• 1 bottle capper
• 100 crown corks
• 12 bottles 33 cl

P.S. This kit is reusable, so if you brew another kit, you only have to order more bottles. How convenient!

Beer Brew Kit Brewferm® Beer Mix: keep on brewing
With this handy refill kit, available in different flavours, you can reuse your Beer Brew Kit. Beer Mix contains all the ingredients to brew 4 litres of craft beer yourself. Choose your flavour.

• Milled malt
• Hops
• Premium beer yeast

Our flavours:


Viking MaltSimcoe IPA - Packed with Simcoe hops, you will get the amazing aromas you are looking for when drinking a nice, hoppy beer. With a piney freshness that will make you want to brew this Simcoe IPA again and again. View products.

Viking MaltBelgian Style Blond - Based on a recipe, according to the centuries-old tradition of Belgian beer. With a soft, balanced flavour profile and a hint of hop aroma. The golden coloured robe gives this Belgian Style Blond her finishing touch. View products.

Viking MaltFantasy Pale Ale - This Fantasy Pale Ale shows you a glimpse of a picturesque place where the aromas of green, spicy bitter hop blend harmoniously with a sweet and nutty malt taste. Are you brave enough to be taken on a fantastic brewing trip?
View products.