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Social engagement

Compassion for others
Brouwland is not just a rapidly expanding company. Brouwland also cares about its people and the environment. Brouwland believes in its human capital and in social engagement. The buildings are heated using almost exclusively carbon-neutral energy, and only green electricity can be found flowing through the sockets. We also make a contribution in terms of social employment. Around 20 employees from the sheltered workshop Bewel help put the brewing kits together here every day. 

Brouwland is also committed to a better future. With the "Entrepreneurs in Class" project by Vlajo, we want to make an active contribution to start-up businesses by inspiring students and awakening their entrepreneurial spirit. In addition, each year we support a charitable cause of our choice. In 2014 this was De Draaischijf, a local organisation which stands up for and unites the vulnerable and the poor in society. The stand-up comedy evening we organised encouraged many people to come out and helped raise almost €10,000.